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Advantages of Private Lending via Private Investors
Category: Finance

Advantages of Private Lending via Private Investors

* Less stringent requirements - higher rate of approval

* Faster and more efficient escrow funding process

* Easier to work with private lenders & investors
* More Flexible loan terms - more transparent process
* Unlike with regular banks, there are no hidden fees
* Less paperwork - less bureaucracy - less stress

* Great for real estate investment & flip properties

* Let's you tap into a trusted real estate business network

* Deal with a reputable / honest loan processing center
* More individual attention and better client service

* No pre-payment penalties for paying off your loan faster
* Also works very well for commercial / hard money loans

* Secure loan structure that benefits all parties

If you have any questions on how you can obtain a private loan for residential or commercial purposes or if you would like to learn more about real estate investment opportunities, please contact Greg at MLO Financial at: 800-822-9808 - Ext: 810 - Or you can also email Greg directly at

How to Succeed in the Mortgage Business [Part1]
Category: Business
Tags: morgage business career success marketing

1. Keep Building Networks: To understand the value behind building solid networks means to realize how important it is to have a network outreach that would be helping with ongoing loan/business referrals as well as team-building and recruiting. A solid referral network is a back-bone of any successful business. This means, you have to be able to build and maintain trusted relations with lenders, borrowers, real estate brokers, mortgage loan officers and loan originators, underwriters and even escrow officers or neutral parties that will help bolster your business. As the wise saying goes, “While poor people are looking for work, rich people are building networks.”

2. Never Stop Marketing: Mortgage industry can be very competitive since there so many mortgage and lending companies that wish to come out on top of the game. Many banks already have their own loan officers which creates a challenge for any self-employed mortgage specialists. To stay one step ahead, it’s important to advertise via such sources as social media, local ads, listings, website/SEO marketing and email campaigns as well as networking, recruiting, generating referrals while at the same time doing PR marketing with educational materials. Making interactive videos and writing blogs appear to be the modern trends of promoting yourself online while bringing educational value to your prospects.

Affiliate referral marketing is also among the more effective ways of staking out the mortgage territory to result in more mortgage and worker referrals. Asking current clients and contacts for genuine referrals is always a good idea.

Other methods of effective marketing revolve around scheduling meetings, considering that people trust more those whom they’ve met in person as opposed to just a phone call or an email. Localizing network campaigns is yet another smart strategy of nourishing those connections that are most valuable toward growing your business operations.

Having a very well-furnished, professional office will also help to “market” your business - especially when many of your clients and affiliates would tend to trust more those who have a proper office location with dedicated workers.

3. Maintain a Good Reputation: Among the most important ways of ensuring a successful mortgage business is to make sure you will have built up a great reputation that was founded on trust, credibility, honesty and reliable referrals that are part of a clean network in general. Having a good web-presence is a very crucial part of maintaining a higher reputation as it certainly reflects the amount of good will you had generated throughout your professional career. Always try to maintain a great-looking, informative website emphasizing your reputation clout, keep up with active social media posts along with ads and listings campaigns so others know you are reachable and approachable - but more importantly it is all part of reputation management that will help you establish a strong company presence with sources that can be trusted.

4. Learn from Top Experts: It’s been said in life that you can never stop learning; you are always a student of life. If you were to study among the top performers in the mortgage business, they ALL had great mentors who had shown them the ins and outs of attaining outstanding results easier with more efficacy and overall productivity. Top experts will be able to show you that nothing comes easy but it’s all worth it when you are using the right strategies and the best systems to generate more loans, more referrals and more recruits. In a way, you’d also feel humbled by the level of knowledge that you can acquire, which you would have to apply wisely onto various situations that demand your scrutinous attention. By gathering more experience, fresh knowledge and wisdom, it will then will make you more inclined to make best possible decisions in the industry where quality education and proper training can give you a major performance advantage over your peers. That level of humbleness will also leave you hungry for more ongoing education and useful knowledge so you can maybe one day be just like those top real estate & mortgage mentors who pass on their proven methods of success.

If you are interested in joining a great training program, feel free to contact MLO Financial Group about how to be actively successful in the mortgage and real estate business: 612-0981

PR CLOUT Launching Complete Multimedia Web Marketing Services
Category: Technology

PR Clout has just launched high-end complete multimedia services for web marketing that every business nowadays would be able to benefit from. This goes way beyond the stereotypical SEO companies that have been becoming more cliche than anything. Unlike many existing competitors, PR Clout has multi-talented team members in the United States (with headquarters in Los Angeles and branch operations in New York). Those top service specialties that make PR Clout really stand out as a more comprehensive higher value solution are:  Social Media, Web Design, SEO Marketing, Ads & Listings + PR Blogs, Videos and even Podcasts!

If you have any questions, or if you need more web marketing solutions yourself, please visit PR Clout website: or contact PR Clout at or call: 714-758-5467

MLO Financial Group Launched Website Systems to Help Mortgage & Real Estate Professionals
Category: Business

MLO Financial Group has just launched a new website system that will provide even more value, convenience, versatility, functionality and secure accessibility. Powered by the new advanced web platforms, the new system would allow you to browse for the most essential information faster and with more ease of use. With a new slick modern look, there is more interactive content to follow and share. This includes: videos, blogs/events and even certain downloadable files. You (as a user) would also have a seamless registration process that would enable you to pre-qualify to sign-up for membership benefits dealing with mortgage, loans and real estate information technologies:

If you have any questions about the newer system or membership benefits, please don't hesitate to contact MLO Financial Group at 949-612-0981 or please visit the MLO Financial website:

Health Benefits of Massage - Vitalita MD
Category: Wellness

We all know that getting a massage feels good, but did you know that massage has many health benefits as well? - Here are some of them:

* Massage relieves stress that is oftentimes the cause of many chronic illnesses.

* Massage boosts immunity which will help you stay healthy when others are getting sick.

* Massage is also proven to reduce anxiety and promote an overall sense of calm and well-being.

* Massage can help you manage low-back pain by relieving the muscle tension that’s at its root.

* Massage can also relieve tension headaches as the blood flow circulation to the brain is greatly improved and muscle tension reduced.

* Massage will help you sleep better as its relaxing effects aid in the development of natural healthy sleeping patterns. Massage eases symptoms of depression as it encourages a more profound body and spirit connection contributing to improved mental health.

* Massage improved cardiovascular health which could be life-saving to many patients suffering from various heart conditions.

* Massage also lowers blood pressure which can be a great benefit to those people whose blood pressure tends to be high. * Massage promotes relaxation that is sometimes hard to achieve in our high-stress lives.

Olga Kay - Blogger Macrodazzle Social Network

How to Avoid Falling into Debt
Category: How-To Blogs

First, there is a golden rule in finance to never spend more than what you’re making. Always monitor your expenses and earnings in a balance way. Personal accounting can be quite tedious yet there is always special software or special consultants to help you with your financial goals. Keep in mind the debt-to-equity ratio, which means that your amount of debt/liabilities cannot exceed the assets/equity you own. Wait until you have built sufficient equity-collateral before you consider taking on big loans for a home, business or that fancy car. Essentially, your income level would have to be high enough to accommodate for your lifestyle choices.

Don’t trust the “fast cash” schemes as many of them charge astronomical interest rates that can make you fall deeper into debt. Whenever you can, always try to use professional opinion from a credible/knowledgeable source. Deal only with reputable firms that would not shaft you and your finances. Do your due diligence and become knowledgeable about how to manage your finances yourself. It also helps to know your consumer rights when it comes to dealing with credit and loans…

​Try to invest only in those securities that provide a positive yield on your investment. Before you calculate the marginal gains, you need understand the economic concepts of marginal propensity. These are special laws of tendency that sway you into either high or low financial risks. A golden rule is to minimize the risk while maximizing the pay-off returns. You can also invest in non-risky commodities or certain ventures that you wish to launch for which you absolutely know there is going to be a high demand.

If you’re a student, make sure you’re proactively resourceful in how you obtain your financing. Get as much as possible from scholarships, grants and family college funds. This will drastically reduce the amount of loans you have to take on. It’s been said the interest rates from some of those loans encumbered many students to declare bankruptcy. Choosing a profession like a Medical Doctor can make you rack up too much student debt too fast. So be prepared for what comes with the territory. It’s been said that luck happens when preparation meets opportunity.

If you’re a homeowner, always have a short-term AND a long-term plan on how you’d be financing your housing. Buying when home prices are low and selling when the home value is still high would be a smart move. This is where income leverage plays a major role. In addition to securing your financial independence, you’d have to think about those terms that you’d be negotiating with the bank or your landlord or any co-paying party. Always have a sufficient savings cushion in the bank in case there comes a dark day when you need to tap into your ‘reserves’. This includes things like unemployment or sudden medical expenses…

For those who like living the high life, be modest about your spendings without flaunting nor competing with others for status; it’s always much easier to spend money than to earn it. Living lavishly when you cannot afford it is among the easiest ways to go bankrupt. Living with a spouse, roommates or parents can significantly reduce your chances of taking financial risks that can lead to a zero balance in the bank. This is called financial leverage.

And for goodness sake, don’t ever get too many credit cards; it may create an illusion of having lots of extra money but that’s not really the case. The credit card balance acts like a small loan that you have to pay off. Keep your credit score at a higher level to avoid bigger interest rates and ALWAYS pay off everything on time!

Yuri Sire – Content Manager / Blogger

NOVENTION Unveiling a NEW Type of Service - Venture Support for New Businesses Ventures
Category: Innovation

Novention has just released BEST NEW marketing packages that now include more freebies, more benefits, more value and new loyalty programs with cash-back, referrals and discounts! These new high value bundled services can include
​any of the following:

Web-Design, SEO/Marketing, Social Media, Blogs & ​Newsletters, Local Listings & Ads, Graphic Design, Presentations, SEM/Search AdsMarket Research, Lead Generation/CRM, Press Release, Video Editing, Audio Editing, Original Music even a Hotcast Podcast (as part of a premium plan)...

You can view all the marketing value bundles here: 

If you are looking to save and if you want to gain extra value freebies and benefits, by bundling certain services together, you would achieve the level of productivity that you desire. There are many more advantages of having a marketing contractor from a company like Novention as opposed to having a costly full-time worker who may encumber your business.

​At higher budgets, you will also have an option of not just working with a dedicated marketing agent but also with the ENTIRE TEAM. Studies have proven that for bigger or medium-size companies, teams can perform better unlike any one individual full-time worker.

For smaller companies and start-ups, it works the other way around; you'd benefit from having a dedicated specialist (contractor from Novention) who would be working to specialize in your business to bring about labor-efficient results that would always help your business...

If you have any questions, please contact Novention at 714-758-5467 
​or email:

INTRODUCING: NEW Social Networking and Advertising Feature - U-Groups!
Category: News & Events
Tags: tech innovation internet social web technology

There is now a NEW way of advertising and networking online via U-Groups! Each group specializes in specifc common interest that unites social intent around a common purpose to grow networks, audiences while gaining valuable knowledge and feedback from peers and users. Also called "Advertiser's Paradise" - since ALL legitimate, non-obtrusive, self-regulated advertising content is allowed to be posted - especially for consumer-educational or motivational purposes! -

INTRODUCING: MatchSelf - the 1st Multi-Relation Matching Social Network
Category: News & Events

MatchSelf is the 1st TRUE social network that allows its users to match themselves up to different types of social relations. Whether you need a great match for Dating or Roommates or NEW friends or even Business/Work or Sports/Gym teammates, MatchSelf gives you the opportunity to pick & choose whichever compatible relation you prefer the most.

Labeled as a "Multi-Relation Network" - it's also equipped with a new advanced geo-mapping technologies to make your search more localized and visualized. Ultimately, you'd also benefit from a very interactive, transparent community that also allows you to share more content that you can advertise and even monetize!

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INTRODUCING: MatchSelf - the 1st Multi-Relation Matching Social Network
Posted by MatchSelf

MatchSelf  is the 1st TRUE social network that allows its users to match themselves up to different types of social relations. Whether you need a great match for Dating or Roommates or NEW friends or even Business/Work or Sports/Gym teammates, MatchSelf gives you the opportunity to pick & choose whichever...Read More

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