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Health Benefits of Massage - Vitalita MD
Category: Wellness

We all know that getting a massage feels good, but did you know that massage has many health benefits as well? - Here are some of them:

* Massage relieves stress that is oftentimes the cause of many chronic illnesses.

* Massage boosts immunity which will help you stay healthy when others are getting sick.

* Massage is also proven to reduce anxiety and promote an overall sense of calm and well-being.

* Massage can help you manage low-back pain by relieving the muscle tension thatís at its root.

* Massage can also relieve tension headaches as the blood flow circulation to the brain is greatly improved and muscle tension reduced.

* Massage will help you sleep better as its relaxing effects aid in the development of natural healthy sleeping patterns. Massage eases symptoms of depression as it encourages a more profound body and spirit connection contributing to improved mental health.

* Massage improved cardiovascular health which could be life-saving to many patients suffering from various heart conditions.

* Massage also lowers blood pressure which can be a great benefit to those people whose blood pressure tends to be high. * Massage promotes relaxation that is sometimes hard to achieve in our high-stress lives.

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Health Benefits of Massage - Vitalita MD

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